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  • What does a chiropractor do?
    Chiropractors adjust the spine to remove pressure off of the spinal nerves that control every system of the body. We do so much more than relieve only neck and back pain. Chiropractic has also been shown to reduce incidence of headaches, digestive disturbances, vertigo, sciatica, extremity pain, scoliosis, and more. Check out this video on our YouTube channel where Dr. Campana dives deeper into this topic!
  • How much education does a chiropractor have?
    Chiropractors receive the same level of education as medical doctors, but differ in their treatment approaches. The main difference: chiropractors treat without the use of medications or surgeries.
  • Can I see a chiropractor while pregnant?
    Absolutely! In fact, it is highly encouraged! Regular adjustments during pregnancy can help to relieve the pain that often occurs with bodily changes during this time.
  • Why should my child see a chiropractor? Is it safe?
    Many of the degenerative changes we see in adult patients are often caused by injuries sustained many decades prior. At that point, creating lasting change within the nervous system may take much longer than if a person had been adjusted regularly throughout their lifetime. Check out this video on our YouTube channel where Dr. Campana dives deep into this topic!
  • Do you accept walk-ins?
    We do not accept walk-ins. Each patient requires a thorough history, chiropractic examination, and full spine x-ray series before adjusting.
  • Do you take insurance?
    We do not take health insurance of any kind in our office and are a self-pay practice. This is because insurance companies will usually dictate your care without knowing anything about your case or the care plan that is best for you. We are more than happy to supply superbills (itemized receipts) with insurance codes at your request so that you may submit them to your insurance company on your own.
  • Do you accept Medicare patients?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicare patients because we are not in network with insurance companies.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost of care will depend on the level of care that you will need. It is difficult to know for sure without knowing your personal health history, a comprehensive examination, and full spine x-rays. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about your options!
  • What should I expect at my first visits?
    Please complete your new patient paperwork online before arriving for your first visit. Once you arrive at your appointment, you will meet your doctor who will review your paperwork with you, take a detailed history, conduct a Gonstead chiropractic examination, and schedule you for your full spine x-rays at North Star Diagnostic Imaging near our office. We require all new patients, except those who are pregnant or under 5 years of age, to have full spine x-ray films. This helps us to create a care plan specifically for you! At your second appointment, your doctor will review their findings from the first visit as well as your full spine x-ray films. A care plan recommendation will be discussed with you and then we will proceed with your first chiropractic adjustment! If you ever have questions along the way, please do not hesitate to ask your doctor!
  • Why do I need x-rays?
    All of our patients, unless pregnant or under 5 years of age, require x-rays before adjusting. This allows us to get a deeper understanding of your spine, what may be causing your condition, and what needs to be done to correct it. Gonstead chiropractic is the gold standard of chiropractic because we take the time to thoroughly examine the spine at each and every visit and design a care plan that is specific to YOUR spine. Once you have had full spine x-rays taken, we do not require a new set of x-rays for three years. The only instance where we would want to take new x-rays is if your body has experienced trauma (car accident, fall, etc.) just to be sure that your body has not sustained a significant injury.
  • Can I use x-rays I already have from a previous chiropractor?
    In the Gonstead work, x-rays are an essential part of our process in treating patients. The x-rays we take are full spine x-rays so that we can see from the base of the skull all the way to the tailbone from both a frontal and side view. Many chiropractors who are not Gonstead will typically not take these types of x-rays. If you have x-rays that are less than two years old, we prefer that they are from a Gonstead chiropractor as this will ensure consistency in how they were taken. Your doctor reserves the right to request new x-rays if they feel they are not of diagnostic quality or if they do not include all relevant anatomy (full spine). It is important to us that we have all of the information needed to make the best decisions regarding your care. To see is to know, not to see is to guess. We will not guess when it comes to your health!
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