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Milestones Chiropractic Plans

At Milestones Chiropractic, we understand the importance of making healthcare accessible to as many people as possible. We offer a variety of payment options including per visit or care plans with discounted rates. Our experienced chiropractors will recommend the best payment plan for your unique needs and work with you to ensure you get the care you need. Visit us and find out why our patients trust us for affordable chiropractic care.

Normal Per Visit Rate: $55

Relief/Stabilization Care Plan

12 Visits (6-8 Weeks)


$540 Total

Normal Per Visit Rate: $660 Total


Recommended for new patients who are just starting care with us. Designed to stabilize the spine and prevent further damage from occurring.

 Frequency is key during this phase of care.

Family Corrective Care Plan

Recommended for patients who have completed an initial phase of care with our office. This care plan includes 2 visits per month per family member for spinal checks and adjustments. Visits can also be shared among family members.

Three-month commitment minimum.

4 Visits Per Month

Recommended for families of 2

$200/month ($100/visit)

 $20 savings/month


6 Visits Per Month

Recommended for families of 3

 $280/month ($140/visit)

 $50 savings/month


8 Visits Per Month

Recommended for families of 4

 $360/month ($180/visit)

$80 savings/month


10 Visits Per Month 

Recommended for families of 5

 $440/month ($220/visit)

 $110 savings/month


*Families of 5+ can add additional family members to their plan for a discounted rate of $40/visit per person ($80/month).

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