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See What Our Patients Are Saying About Us!

"After being involved in an accident last year that left my entire back and nervous system in shock I was referred to Dr. Trevino by a friend after not being able to find any relief for my injuries and I must say…. AMAZING! In about 6-8 weeks of care in Omery’s hands left me feeling better than ever, the amount of knowledge and study that goes into Gonstead Chiro is truly amazing. These are not your ordinary chiropractors! I was told there was nothing wrong with me by spine specialists and other doctors that it was just a muscle issue. Within the 1st and 2nd visit with Milestone Chiro they had figured out that the pain I was experiencing was coming from THREE shifted vertebras and a hip had been knocked out of place! Without the help of a Gonstead Chiropractor I do not know where I would be today, I went from the worst headaches I’ve ever experienced in my life to getting back to working and having range of motion in my entire body again."

-Bradlee G.

"While out jogging, I tripped and fell. Six hours later, I awakened in pain and could barely move. The next morning Dr. Campana accepted me as a patient. She gently assessed my injuries, developed a plan of care, and immediately started working on me to relieve my pain. Within a week, I was able to take an important trip. When I returned Dr. Campana, continued my healing protocol. When I was moving pain free, Dr. Campana provided comprehensive care to align my spine and taught me exercises to help me strengthen my back. I am an asthmatic and appreciate Dr. Victoria’s extra precautions to keep me healthy while covid was spiking. If you are looking for a professional that listens, respects her patients and offers thoughtful multi-disciplinary care, I highly recommend Dr. Campana." 

-Ellen P.

"Dr. Victoria is amazing, she is so gentle with her touch yet is able to always deliver just what your body needs. She pays very close attention to detail which I loved because it proved how much she cared for her patients. Not to mention how sweet she is, she will also make sure to listen. Great care overall, would definitely come back for more!"

-Anamaris I.

Chiropractic Care

"The doctors at the clinic were great at answering my questions. They informed me in terms I could understand. I can't wait to return for my next adjustment."

-Angela G.

"The doctors are very knowledgeable and professional. The way they provide care shows up their passion to help the community. Definetively I recommend them."

-Ernesto M.

"Dr. Omery and Dr. Victoria are amazing! They are both very thorough in their examination and take time with you on each visit. They have helped tremendously with low back, neck and digestive issues. I would highly recommend this team to anyone."

-Michi F.

"Dr. Omery was very professional and clear in explaining what was going with my spine. His analysis in finding what was wind with me was very methodical and corrections were very specific. I highly recommend Milestones Chiropractic!"

-Joseph R.

As always, your referrals and reviews are the greatest compliment to us!

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